The dark season in the north has never been easy. It not only affects your overall mood, but also your health. It’s scientifically proven that long periods of exposure to darkness causes low energy levels, depression, low sex drive and even insanity.

The low temperatures during the dark season make people also more inclined to staying indoors. This cycle in turn, makes it almost impossible to receive any vitamin D from the already-short periods of sun light.


Beom brings light in the darkness. It gives hope, joy and comfort in the nordic winter. The cold that comes with darkness requires appropriate clothing; which nordics manage to gracefully meet with their minimalistic nordic style.

Beanies are crucial during the dark/cold season and widely used as a fashion statement when it’s warmer. Having this idea in mind; we decided to use beanies as indicators for total ‘sunlight received’ during the day. Beom is a beanie designed to measure your daily sunlight intake and signal that via lights on top of it.


How it works:

  • Put on your Beom as you would any beanie ( it will soak up the sunlight through its solar cells and charge itself)

  • Beom will light up when it’s dark, indicating that you received enough sunlight  (powered by the sunlight it had taken earlier)

  • Beom will not light up if it hasn’t had enough sunlight; hence signaling that you should be outdoors more often during the bright hours

Beom will hopefully raise awareness and start conversations about the topic and motivate individuals to stay more active and spend time outdoors more often.