Distrikt Dental


Distrikt Dental

So, when studying at Hyper Island we had an opportunity to develop project for the real clients. That means real companies, with real briefs and real expectations. Real world ready! 

Distrikt Dental is a chain of privately owned dental-clinics around the Stockholm county. They are doing a great job dental-wise but had some problems when it comes down to interacting with the patients on digital level. And that's why they came to Hyper Island.


We started of with researching our client, target groups and their journey. That's when we found out that the biggest issue is located during booking phase of the dental experience. Patients were struggling with booking system that was outdated and not intuitive. We had to do something about it. 



We met our client and with their help we reconstructed the patient journey. That helped us to understand how Distrikt Dental see the process.




After conducting phone interviews, meeting patients in waiting rooms and going to the competitions clinics we were able to create a complex patient journey that we later mashed together with the insights we gathered during client workshop. We created 3 different journeys that represented main target groups of our client.

The post-it's are colour coded. The yellow post-its represent the events in the patients experience with Distrikt Dental, like booking an appointment or paying for it. The green post-its are the gain-points of this experience and the red ones are the pain-points. The orange ones are our ideas that started sparkling while re-creating this journey.


We came up with a very revolutionary and yet simple solution that will put Distrikt Dental ahead of the game. The solution is a booking system implemented into a platform that is already being used but the huge majority of patients. I'm talking about Facebook's Messenger. 



Two months before we received the brief, Facebook released a new function called Chatbot. It's a AI that talks to clients, provide them with informations and also allows to book flights and buy stuff. Some of the major companies are already using this feature, like H&M and KLM.

We want Distrikt Dental, the local dental-clinic chain, to also take advantage of this feature. That would allow them to communicate with their clients on totally new level, setting up the bar high for competition.