DIY Disasters


DIY Distasters

At Hyper Island we have this cool thing called X Program. Basically it's mixing a lot of people from different programs at school, dividing them into small teams and making them solve a real brief in 72 hours. A real brief. 

So our task was to encourage people to go to hairdressing saloons more often and to bring back the going-to-hairdresser culture. Client? Can't say quite yet but it's a producer of quality hair-dressing products. They actually made us sign stuff saying that we will not snitch. Let's call them "The Client". Budget? Below 2 billion USD. Fun!

As usually we do things at Hyper, we jumped into research. From the very start we decided that instead of launching a global campaign, we will focus on Scandinavian market. We knew it better and also it would allow us to prepare a better targeted product. So we researched our client, target groups, hair-dressing culture and its trends. We created customer journeys, analysing every step carefully, looking for opportunities. And we found one!

So basically we found out that there is sooooo many wanna-be beauty bloggers who show how to treat your hair correctly. And some of them fail while doing it. That's when they become famous. This Do-It-Yourself culture creates a very interesting opportunity for our client, who produces a wide range of professional beauty products, that should be used by people with adequate training. 

Another finding was that the wast majority of Scandinavians don't go that often to hair-saloons because of high prices. They rather ask a friend or a friend of a friend to do their hair at home waaay cheaper. It sounds risky but might be worth saving some cash. 

We came up with an idea how to combine those two findings into a social media campaign, that has a potential to go viral! We would start with educating people on social media channels why is it important to let professionals treat your hair rather than doing it by watching YouTube videos. Awareness is gold! Second step is to encourage people to upload their Do-It-Yourself disasters in form of a video on social media channels - Facebook or Instagram, telling their stories and showing the results. Videos should be accompanied with a proper hashtag, linking the campaign to The Client. #DIYdisasters. People who uploaded those videos should be contacted by The Client, preferably publicly on social media, promising that they would take care of that disaster. Brave people who uploaded their fuck-ups would be given a voucher to closest hair-dressing saloon that has collaboration with our client. Professional hair-dressers would take care of them, trying to minimise the effects of DIY disaster and educating on importance of doing this kind of thing at a proper place. Saloons should be also actively engaged in this campaign, posting results of their fix-ups. 

After researching many beauty websites on multiple social media platforms, we believe that this campaign has potential to go viral. It would create the buzz that our client needs, and alsoeducate people on importance of professional hair-care. 

So that was plan A. And we wouldn't be Hypers if we didn't have a plan B. It's less complicated but equally thought through.

We estimated the The Clients campaign budget would be able to finance buying the bankrupt automotive company SAAB. Why not invest those money and together with Swedish engineers create a robot that is capable of cutting you hair! A product that everybody would be able to afford and have at home. We believe that SAABs technology is just one step away from it and just needs a little cash boost. Hopefully our client will think about it!

We made cool videos about those concepts but we also signed some papers saying that we cannot show them until mid 2017... soooo soon they'll be here!