So, when studying at Hyper Island we had an opportunity to develop project for the real clients. That means real companies, with real briefs and real expectations. Real world ready! 

Grönsakshallen is a vegetable and fruit supplier of restaurants, schools and other gastronomy-related facilities. It's primarily located in Stockholm but the organisations operates in the most parts of Sweden. They deliver food to hundreds of venues on daily basis.


Our task was to create a new digital experience for Grönsakshallens customers and bring the whole company into the new digital age. Also it was made very clear to us that we cannot change the logo. No matter how much we want to. It's there to stay. For ever.

Together with my team mates we put together a nice case movie. So, although I love to spam and write long and confusing sentences, I advise you to take a look at this short clip that will tell you all about our project for Grönsakshallen.

It's hard to define my role in this project. But in positive sense! I participated in every stage of the process, starting with research, through ideation and concept development and finishing on production and selling the idea. The project was a great learning experience and working with Grönsakshallen was a true pleasure!